What is Avemar®?

Avemar is a Food for Special Medical Purposes for cancer patients undergoing clinical oncological treatments such as chemotherapy, radiation and immune therapies. Under medical supervision, Avemar is indicated to be taken without interruption before, during and after oncological treatments.  Avemar is derived from fermented wheat germ (botanical name: Triticum vulgaris) and is available in [a] a powdered form in individual sachets which can easily be dissolved in water to make a palatable drink and [b] a tablet form. This natural food source contains one of the highest sources of benzoquinones.

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Avemar® Research

More than 100 published papers review the clinical and experimental results obtained with this extract and have been published in prestigious journals. In vitro studies of cell cultures, animal studies  and clinical trials with over 1200 patients to date, have been undertaken in Hungary, Israel, Spain, Italy, Russia, the US and most recently Australia to name a few.

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Avemar® Product Awards

In March 2006, Avemar earned the “Best New Product of the Year Award” in the USA out of 15,000 new products. The award, called “NutrAward,” was presented at the annual Natural Products Expo 2006 tradeshow in Anaheim California, the largest gathering of the natural, organic and healthy product industry in the USA.

We post to customers in Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam & Papua New Guinea.

At ‘Avemar Australia’ we sell the original Avemar manufactured in Hungary since 1998.

We do not sell any products that claim to have Avemar in them, or are manufactured by a different process. There has only been published research on the original Avemar.

Important! Please Read!

Avemar is a Food for Special Medical Purposes and is to be used under the supervision of your preferred health practitioner.

The information, opinions and recommendations presented on this website are not intended to replace the care of your medical practitioner.